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«горячая линия»

Russian Belarusian

The administration of the Soviet district of Minsk informs that BELINTERTRANS RTEP, the transport and logistic center of the Belarusian Railway (hereinafter - BTLC), which is among the country's leading forwarders, has the necessary infrastructure and a mobile train for providing and organizing a transportation.

One of the activities of the BTLC is the transporting organization of transit container trains from China to Europe and back (in the directions: Chengdu (China) - Lodz (Poland) - Chengdu; Zhengzhou (China) - Hamburg (Germany) - Zhengzhou etc.) with a delivery within the whole route. Delivery time takes 2 or 3 weeks depending on the region of the departure and the destination point. The Chinese government subsidizes the rates for the “Europe-China-Europe” transit transportations. For the fixed routes and for the customers of the services the price is 40–60% lower than the cost of the full shipment arrangement.

At the same time, the BTLC develops cargo delivery services in containers “by land” from Belarus to China as a part of Europe-China transit container trains, that allows to reduce the terms of delivery in comparison with cargo delivery by sea transportation (20 days “by land” versus 55 days “by sea”).